Nov 21, 2016

Ep 52: The Heavy Hitters

Shooting out new episodes like mad men, Mack and Trainee are back but this time with the current NECW Tag Team Champions, The Heavy Hitters! We talk childhood favorites, Frank's roots in New York,  Shay going to local shows as a kid to watch his uncle wtestle, getting into training, Shay the Security Guard, wrestling singles, finding their niche as a tag team, working for places like WCW, RWA, NCW, ACW, and how they got the hook up  to NECW, becoming  the Champs and more!


Nov 19, 2016

Ep 51: Ménage à trois

Mack and Trainee are back at it in the weirdest 3-way they've ever been in! On one of the most laid back and funny podcasts weve done we talk with the hosts of "Three Way Theater" JC Marxx, Lumberjake, and Mike Pavia! We talk how we all met, Monster Mack calls out JC for an embarrassing YouTube video, Mikey's most awkward road trip, Jake hosts some wrestling trivia and so much more! 


Nov 12, 2016

Ep 50: Baker & Ash

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 are coming at you with some late night podcast action for EPISODE 50! On this celebratory episode Mack and Trainee talk with Brickhouse Baker and "Sweet" Scott Ashworth! We talk to Brickhouse about the transition from wrestling to promoting, whats in store for HOB and more! We talk to Ash about what he thinks is missing in wrestling today and who he thinks will be one of the next big stars, but monstly this episode is about having fun, drinking french wine and telling road stories!


Oct 14, 2016

Ep 49: Brandon Webb

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 sit down with "The Devils Reject" Brandon Webb! We kick things off jumping right into his upcoming match with The Hardy Boys, Broken Matt and Brother Nero, at Top Rope Promotions upcoming show at BCC, how he broke into the business, who he trained with, wearing a mask (just like us!) we get to hear a different side of Brandon as he talks friendship and who his best friends are in wrestling, taking the mask off and eventually becoming "The Devils Reject" his injuries in the ring and so much more!

Oct 11, 2016

Ep 48: Middlesex Express

What's that noise? It looks like a train has pulled up to the Mack Mansion and BANG out comes The Middlesex Express! We jump right into it when we talk the recent buzz of the MSE, how they got into wrestling,  which Steve was a backyard wrestler, working at the WAW, WCW, Showcase, how they got into the RWA, XWA Thursday night shows,  who they want to work with in the future and more!


Oct 8, 2016

Ep 47: Why T Why?

The people have been asking for months, Why T. Phoenix? Why? So on this episode of The Mack Cast, Monster Mack and Trainee #1 find out exactly that! We talk with the whole Phoenix family about what happened with the RWA, how the search for a new building is going, some pro wrestling conspiracy theories, what's happening on 11/19 and so much more!


Oct 4, 2016

Ep 46: Mike Foster

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 return to the Mack Mansion to sit down with "The Thunder from Down Under" Mike Foster! We talk how he became House Of Bricks Pro Wrestling champion during a street fight with John Munroe and David Baker, breaking into wrestling, calling the Yankee Pro Wrestling training school and not getting a call back, training with Brickhouse Mike Baker, working during an indy wrestling boom period, why he hated wrestling guys like George The Animal Steele, why he thinks Whaling City Wrestling closed and so much more!


Sep 15, 2016

Ep 45: Mike Montero

Boom! Could it be? Is it even possible? Are Mack and Trainee back for another Mack-Cast! This time they sit down with a long time friend "The Ace" Mike Montero! He talks his earliest memories of pro wrestling, when we realized he wanted to wrestle, backyard wrestling, joining the RWA and being apart of its first live shows, training with Brickhouse Baker and Dan and Brian from "The Pride Training Academy" the evolution of RWA, branching out, wrestling the Spanish Announce Team, breaking out as a singles wrestler, becoming The Influence, he explains why he is ready for a Do or Die match at RWA and so much more!


Sep 9, 2016

Ep 44: Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 are back at it again this time with Steve "The Turtle" Weiner! Steve starts the podcast with a short tribute to his Father, we talk Steve being diagnosed as a child, his father being his hero, his first memories as a wrestling, training at Slamtech, how he got the name Turtle, winning his first battle royal, setting up rings with ROH, working with Chikara, NCW, Beyond and so much more!


Sep 2, 2016

Ep 43: Buddy Romano

Can you believe it? Monster Mack and Trainee #1 are actually doing a podcast! This time on The Mack Cast, they sit down with Buddy Romano! They talk being a fan as a child, finding the USWF on public access, his beef with Beyond Wrestling, training at the Loomis Barn, joining NCW, the Chikara incident, dealing with his personal demons and being sent to a psychiatric ward, transitioning from Buddy to Ramona and so much more!   

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