Ep 57: Ryan Waters


This is one we never thought was going to happen, because on this episode Mack and Trainee sit down with the Head Trainer of TRP's "Lock Up" training school "H20" Ryan Waters! We dive right into the discussion while we talk why he hasn't bought Top Rope Promotions yet, the changes he would make if he did and why he's put that idea on the back burner, he talks training the current Ring of Honor 6-man tag team champions "The Kingdom" and why he was angry at a recent ROH training camp. He describes the difference between tough love and bullying in training, how all of his Trainee's break his heart eventually, how we started with the WWA and Mike Sparta, going to YPW and who he trained with, which of his trainers he connected with the most, we talk Drew's anxiety problems and how they started, being on someone's hit list in high school, being mostly a tag team wrestler, the one time he gave Monster Mack 10 German suplex's during a match, we openly talk about the different wrestling styles and our preferences, what new TRP trainees he's gotten behind and so much more!