Ep 53: Maverick Wild


On this episode of The Mack-Cast, The Mav meets the Mack as we sit down with Maverick Wild! We talk how it was breaking into wrestling in the 80s, sending promo pics to the Kowalski wrestling school, being considered an "outlaw" wrestler, working locally and who were his favorites to work with, getting his break and working with WWF and wrestlers like Doink The Clown, Adam Bomb, The Headshrinkers and more, the chance to make pro wrestling a career, working for places like the CWA, NECW, Chaotic Wrestling, EWA and how he got his shot at WCW, what the comparassion was between working for WWF and WCW, his shot at Ring Of Honor's Honor Invades Boston, becoming a promoter for Front Row Wrestling, being inducted in the 2010 N.E Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, and some of the best advice anyone has given on the MackCast!