Oct 14, 2016

Ep 49: Brandon Webb

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 sit down with "The Devils Reject" Brandon Webb! We kick things off jumping right into his upcoming match with The Hardy Boys, Broken Matt and Brother Nero, at Top Rope Promotions upcoming show at BCC, how he broke into the business, who he trained with, wearing a mask (just like us!) we get to hear a different side of Brandon as he talks friendship and who his best friends are in wrestling, taking the mask off and eventually becoming "The Devils Reject" his injuries in the ring and so much more!

Oct 11, 2016

Ep 48: Middlesex Express

What's that noise? It looks like a train has pulled up to the Mack Mansion and BANG out comes The Middlesex Express! We jump right into it when we talk the recent buzz of the MSE, how they got into wrestling,  which Steve was a backyard wrestler, working at the WAW, WCW, Showcase, how they got into the RWA, XWA Thursday night shows,  who they want to work with in the future and more!


Oct 8, 2016

Ep 47: Why T Why?

The people have been asking for months, Why T. Phoenix? Why? So on this episode of The Mack Cast, Monster Mack and Trainee #1 find out exactly that! We talk with the whole Phoenix family about what happened with the RWA, how the search for a new building is going, some pro wrestling conspiracy theories, what's happening on 11/19 and so much more!


Oct 4, 2016

Ep 46: Mike Foster

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 return to the Mack Mansion to sit down with "The Thunder from Down Under" Mike Foster! We talk how he became House Of Bricks Pro Wrestling champion during a street fight with John Munroe and David Baker, breaking into wrestling, calling the Yankee Pro Wrestling training school and not getting a call back, training with Brickhouse Mike Baker, working during an indy wrestling boom period, why he hated wrestling guys like George The Animal Steele, why he thinks Whaling City Wrestling closed and so much more!