Sep 15, 2016

Ep 45: Mike Montero

Boom! Could it be? Is it even possible? Are Mack and Trainee back for another Mack-Cast! This time they sit down with a long time friend "The Ace" Mike Montero! He talks his earliest memories of pro wrestling, when we realized he wanted to wrestle, backyard wrestling, joining the RWA and being apart of its first live shows, training with Brickhouse Baker and Dan and Brian from "The Pride Training Academy" the evolution of RWA, branching out, wrestling the Spanish Announce Team, breaking out as a singles wrestler, becoming The Influence, he explains why he is ready for a Do or Die match at RWA and so much more!


Sep 9, 2016

Ep 44: Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 are back at it again this time with Steve "The Turtle" Weiner! Steve starts the podcast with a short tribute to his Father, we talk Steve being diagnosed as a child, his father being his hero, his first memories as a wrestling, training at Slamtech, how he got the name Turtle, winning his first battle royal, setting up rings with ROH, working with Chikara, NCW, Beyond and so much more!


Sep 2, 2016

Ep 43: Buddy Romano

Can you believe it? Monster Mack and Trainee #1 are actually doing a podcast! This time on The Mack Cast, they sit down with Buddy Romano! They talk being a fan as a child, finding the USWF on public access, his beef with Beyond Wrestling, training at the Loomis Barn, joining NCW, the Chikara incident, dealing with his personal demons and being sent to a psychiatric ward, transitioning from Buddy to Ramona and so much more!