Mar 15, 2014

Ep 26: Brickhouse Baker

Mack and Trainee #1 sit down inside the House of Bricks with N.E Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer
 BRICKHOUSE BAKER! We talk his retirement match at the P.A.L hall against Joe Perez, how he became a wrestling fan, breaking into the business, working with guys like Sly Souza and Joe Eugenio, who was in his training class, how long was it before he had his first match, working for New England Wrestling, Yankee Pro Wrestling, what was it like working with names like The Bushwackers, becoming a local house hold name, leaving Top Rope Promotions for ACW, his first thoughts on guys like Dave Olivera, taking ACW from small crowds to full buildings, getting screwed out of the building, breaking his sons into wrestling, working with places like NECW, PWF, SPW, LPW and so much more!