Jan 27, 2014

Ep 25: “R.I.O.T” Kellan Thomas!

Right off the top rope right into a seat at the Mack-Pad is "R.I.O.T" Kellan Thomas! He sits down with Mack and Trainee and talk how he became a fan, breaking into the business, training with the Elements of Suicide, getting a show at Yankee Pro Wrestling, working throughout New England, becoming a member of Destruction Under Impact, working with places like Beyond Wrestling and so much more!

Jan 1, 2014

Ep 24: Jose Perez

Fresh off getting thrown off a balcony Monster Mack and Trainee #1 sit down with El Diablo himself Jose Perez! We talk his career long feud with Brickhouse Baker, going into his last match at the P.A.L hall, his last dance with Brickhouse, how he broke into wrestling, working for the NEWA, why he hated Gino Giovanni right away,working under a mask as El Diablo, getting booked in Yankee Pro Wrestling, his thoughts on Joe Euginio and Silvano Sousa, working hardcore matches with ECW stars like New Jack in Primal Conflict wrestling, The Sandman ROAD RAGE incident, his involvement in the trial for the MASS TRANSIT incident, working with different promotions throughout New England, what really happened with Samoa Joe, his thoughts on training in the area and so much more!