Dec 14, 2013

Ep 23: T. Phoenix

Ever hear of the RWA? Already a fan and curious of how it all started? Mack and Trainee do some hanging in the Mack-Cave with the booker and promoter of the Renegade Wrestling Alliance: T. Phoenix! We talk backyard wrestling, his battle with the city that eventually led to the "Bump Factory" running his first live show, turning down Mack Attack back in the day via e-mail, all the behind the scenes work that keeps RWA moving forward, how he went from "no indy guys allowed" to using tons of N.E indy talent, what the future holds for RWA and so much more!

Dec 5, 2013

Ep 22: Spencer Jawitz

On this episode of The Mack Cast, Mack and Trainee sit down with Spencer Jawitz! Spencer is a wrestling promoter/booker who's worked for such companies as BEW, PWF(all of them), UWF, EWA, PWS, NECW and many more! We delve deep into the details about traveling with "The Damned", his thoughts on Bobby Cruise, his friendship with Kevin Doane, Mark Reality, how he really feels about Erik Tapout, Chris Morrow and Axl Rotten, the NECW Comcast deal and so much more!