Apr 14, 2013

Ep 10: Shawn Candido

Mack and Trainee return with another episode of The Mack-Cast podcast! On this episode we sit down with wrestler/booker/ promoter Shawn Candido! We talk Candido's first experiences as a wrestling fan, his relationship with Joe Eugenio and how that led him to training, how WWE star Fandango was involved with Candido getting his first match, working with Yankee Pro Wrestling during wrestling's boom period, his feelings on working with Bobby Cruise, Steve Ricard, Brickhouse Baker, Scott Ashworth, Redemption, Tex McCoy and more, becoming a booker for YPW, what caused him to leave and how he became involved with Alliance Championship Wrestling, how becoming a booker there and a falling out with promoter Dave Olivera led to him running his own promotion, his goals for Whaling City Wrestling and so much more!


Apr 7, 2013

Ep 9: Scott Levesque pt.3

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 return to Scott Levesque's log cabin for the third part of the Levesque-Cast! We talk Scott Levesque's run in New England Championship Wrestling, being mentored by "Handsome" Johnny, the NECW Comcast TV Deal, working with New England's TOP NAMES, joining Top Rope Promotions once again this time under a mask as a "Midnight Prowler" and continuing to get heat for doing it, becoming Baystate Wrestling heavyweight championship,Alliance Championship Wrestling becoming Whaling City Wrestling, joining PWF:New England, why he left all his prominent bookings, how he felt working his childhood hero former ECW/WCW/WWE superstar RAVEN, working with his cousin Dan Strikes and John Muldoon as The Convicts and so much more!