Mar 18, 2013

Ep 8: Scott Levesque pt.2 Electric Boogaloo

Monster Mack and Trainee #1 return to Scott Levesque's log cabin for the second part of the Levesque-Cast! They pick up right where they left off with Scott Levesque giving up his booking to Shawn Candido and starting from scratch. Training with Brickhouse Baker and being groomed by "Sweet" Scott Ashworth for a heavyweight title run. What were his first speed bumps in pro wrestling? How did he get his connection for his first Top Rope Promotions run? Why did he leave? How he ended up wearing a dress, working with Paul Lauzon and Lethal Pro Wrestling and so much more!


Mar 4, 2013

Ep 7: Scott Levesque pt.1


Monster Mack and Trainee #1 sit down once again, this time with New England independent wrestler Scott Levesque! This is only part one of a two part interview and we talk backyard wrestling during wrestling's boom period, training with Mike Edwards, joining RDW and working at the Karoba, getting pre-show "dark matches" for PTW, getting a spot with ACW and eventually becoming its booker, his time working as a Midnight Prowler for Top Rope Promotions and much much more!